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Meeting and Event Management



Stout & Gallant is an events management and communications company that brings people together for purposeful interaction. Stout & Gallant produces events and communications that inspire, inform and entertain. From developing a theme to building the physical environment, we apply a unique combination of ingenuity and technical expertise to create the memorable experiences our clients are looking for.



The Stout & Gallant team has mastered both the fundamentals and flourishes of the business. With cumulative mastery of communications, project management and theatrical production, combined with up-to-date knowledge of the latest video and digital technology, we create customized one-time events or sustained campaigns that are effective, efficient and on-target.



The Stout & Gallant communications team combines state-of-the-art technology with exceptional visual and verbal creativity to deliver a comprehensive range of communications vehicles.

Our team includes graphic designers, writers, videographers, display specialist and technical experts to create the critical tools that will make the most of your event. From eye-catching graphics to meaningful music to high-tech conferencing, we create communications that surround your audience with the sights and sounds that convey your message.

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